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Thursday, October 16, 2008

Refund Cents Website

Today and tomorrow, refundcents.com is hosts a guest preview day. You can go to the site and look around at everything they have to offer for free.

I am a member of the refundcents.com website. Now, normally I don't like paying for a money saving service-seems self defeating to me. However, I did a 3 month membership just to try it out and figured I'd cancel if it wasn't worth it (like I did with the grovery game which I DID cancel). But I really like this one.

Not only is the website so full of information I haven't even gone through it all in my first two months of membership, but you also receive a magazine once a month full of all the rebates you can get, real people with all the deals they've pulled off-proving it's possible, and ads which I found helpful as well.

Online, everyday, Michele lists updates on good deals around the web and in stores. Somehow, she gets drugstore ads and coupon previews weeks in advance and posts them so you can be ready. Every week, the website lists all the possible good deals with coupon matchups for Rite-Aid, CVS, and Walgreens. There are also message boards for local grocery stores, centsible chat which is where everyone talks about deals they've found and shares them, and tons of info on just about anything you can think of. Like I said, I haven't even gotten a chance to read it all yet. There's Dinner Tricks, tips and tricks for all the drugstores and more.

Should you choose to sign up for a membership, and are a new member, just be sure to use the links above and if it asks you who refered you type in: sccrkid85. That way I receieve credit. Thanks!

Each month of magazine membership you will receive:
50-70 page issueInformation about 100-300 new refund offers
5 page Ad section
Good Deal Alerts
10 pages of “Tips & Talk” featuring reader letters and pictures (Sample: “Reader Pics & Stories”)
Many, many features and helps too numerous to mention
Access to all Password Portions of this site with hottest daily deals

$30.00 - 14 month print subscription (12 issues) + online access
$25.00 - 1 year print subscription (10 issues) + online access
$14.00 - 6 month print subscription (5 issues) + online access
$8.00 - 3 month print subscription (3 issues) + online access

You can also choose to recieve only online access:
$30.00 - 2 1/2 year online access only
$12.00 - 1 year online access only
$7.00 - 6 month online access only
$4.00 - 3 month online access only

I know, advertisements are annoying, but I really do like this website, so I thought I'd share it with you! :)



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