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Monday, April 20, 2009

Mom Monday

I have noticed that this second pregnancy has been decidedly harder than my first. Or maybe I was just so excited and inexperienced with my first that I didn't notice all the "fun" little things that start popping up in the third trimester. Heartburn and indigestion have been really bad with this one, as well as trouble sleeping. But probably the worst part of this pregnancy is that this little one is putting plenty of pressure on the sciatic nerve in my back and some days it hurts so much I could cry. It's especially bad when I lay down at night. Shifting, moving or getting up can be extremely painful. I told my husband it's like that feeling where a joint needs to crack but can't... times 10. The really fun thing is that it also causes leg pain.

Unfortunately, my midwife told me the only thing that would really help is seeing a chiropractor. I do intend to look into whether or not I can do this, but I may not be able to and I know there are lots of people out there who can't, so here's a little info I could find on how to help this pain, for those of you who may be having it too. Interestingly, I've noticed this same pain in my back even when I wasn't pregnant, though it was less frequent and annoying.

From the American Pregnancy Association:

The sciatic nerve is the largest nerve in the body, providing sensory and motor function to the lower extremities. This nerve provides sensation to the back of the thigh, lower part of the leg and the sole of the foot. Sciatic nerve pain is a periodic severe pain that occurs throughout your legs. The sciatic nerve runs under your uterus to your legs. The cause of sciatic nerve pain is thought to be associated with pressure on the nerve caused by the developing baby.

Ways to treat: The simplest remedy is to lie on your side, opposite of the pain. This may help relieve the pressure on the nerve. Avoid heavy lifting and minimize standing for long periods of time. If you experience pressure while standing, try elevating one foot and resting it on something. Swimming may also ease discomfort.
You may experience relief by applying heat or cold to the troubled area. Your health care provider may recommend acetaminophen to relieve the pain.
It is important to contact your health care provider if the pain becomes constant, or increases in severity or frequency.

Unfortunately, most of these suggestions don't work for me. I do put a hot "rice sock" on my back when it gets really bad, but laying on my opposite side doesn't really help at all. I did, however, find a great article in Parents magazine about pain relieving stretches for moms (because chasing, carrying and bending over to toddlers can take a toll on your body!) and I have found some of the back stretches to be helpful. You can read the article and see all the moves here. There's also an interesting article on strengthening back exercises during pregnancy from Your Baby Today here. Sitting up straight has also helped. Slouching or laying funny on my back seems to make it worse. If you are suffering from pregnancy back pain, I feel you and I hope some of these tips can help you!


Holly on April 20, 2009 at 12:41 PM said...

hey janeen, are you using karen this time?

i have a really bad back, that gets worse every pregnancy. with my first my sciatic nerve was terrible though. if you do want to see a chiropractor though, the one i got to in akron (near the walmart on arlington) is really cheap (only $35 per visit)and super nice. he is all about natural, and homeopathic, and homebirth and everything. we love him! and oh it helps so much. i hope you feel better!

(also, if you do use karen, do you know if she has an email? i have her phone # but i wanted to write her and talk to her about a few things, and it might be easier to spell it out in a letter! thanks!)


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