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Wednesday, November 5, 2008

How-To Beginner Series (2)

For today, I'll list some common coupon lingo and abbreviations. I may have left something out, just leave a comment if you notice anything or have any questions. Also, you may not understand what some of the terms are. We'll go over all that when we get to talking about the stores!

Common Coupon Lingo (some variations apply)

Blinkie- Coupons found in the blinking machines near the products in the store

BOGO- Buy One Get One Free

BOG50%- Buy One Get One 50% Off (and so on)

Catalina- A coupon that prints out of a machine located by the register (a catalina machine). Sometimes are also OYNSO coupons. You got them when certain specifications are met. Used like cash on your next shopping trip to the same store. Watch the expiration dates! They are sometimes very soon and some stores won't accept expired ones (some will)

C/O- Cents off coupons (sometimes also listed as q's)

ECB- CVS Extra Care Bucks which print on the bottom of your receipt on certain specified deals and can be used at CVS like cash

ESB- Easy Saver booklet. Found at Walgreens near the front of the store (usually near the weekly ads) are are full of coupons and the list of rebates for the month. Grab several copies- you'll need them!

ESC- Easy Saver coupons. Walgreens store coupons that are found in the Easy Saver booklet each month

FAR- Free After Rebate items at Walgreens. There are a few each month which can be found in the Easy Saver booklets

IP- Internet Printable Coupons

OYNSO- $$ Off On Your Next Shopping Order. Used like cash next time you come to that store

P&G- P&G insert found in newspapers in the ads section

Peelie- A coupon found on the package

RP or R- Red Plum (a coupon insert found in newspapers)

RR- Register Rewards. Same idea as a Catalina- usually at Walgreens (see above) At Walgreens, these cannot be used to redo the same deal

SS- Smart Source (a coupon insert found in newspapers)

V- Valassis ( a coupon insert found in newspapers)



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